Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Master Bathroom Redo Manufactured Home

oolala...Pretty Purple..
Redoing the master bath in a manufactured home.

While everything in this bathroom worked and was in pretty good condition, the color cracked us up.
Everything else had been painted white in the house, yet this bathroom was left this pinkish purple lavender. 
One thing that did make us go hmmmmm, was that someone had taken the toilet seat..
Really? The toilet seat?

 This little desk like thing was in an alcove with a big mirror, maybe as a makeup vanity???? 

I apparently didn't get a picture of the tub, but it was in good condition. It's an almond color, which looked really lovely with the purplish walls. lol...

The biggest thing we did in here was to rip out the little desk/makeup table to make a closet.. We tried to remove the mirror but it was stuck on there to stay, so it's still hidden away behind the shelves.

I painted the whole thing the straw color I'd used in most of the house.. 
Bye bye purple bathroom.

We put up shelves, then framed in a doorway and added folding doors. 

I found some wooden outhouse looking birdhouses at Michaels, so I painted them to look old and stuck the up in this little alcove.. 

We really didn't have to do a whole lot more to this room.
I put up a pinecone wallpaper border and a wallpaper picture above the toilet. I told John since there isn't a window in this room, I was giving him a view...

We replaced the toilet seat. lol...
I painted the light globes with an amber glass paint. 

I put new old fashioned hardware on the vanity and closet, framed the mirrors using scrap pieces of wood, painting them a flat brown and sanding them to make them look old.. This bathroom has 2 doors in it and we replaced both of them.. I took this picture before the new doorknobs had been installed. 
This room really just took cleaning, painting and a few extras to make it look totally different.. 
I have thought of a lot of new things I could do in here, though.. So another redo may be in it's near future. 

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