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Manufactured Home Livingroom Take 2

Living Room Redo
Take 2 

It's been 7 years since we first purchased our home and redid all the rooms.. About a year ago I got the itch to start redoing again... We had done the house in a very rustic, kind of lodge look... We live in an area surrounded by woods, so it fit in really well..

My husband loved it, but as a female, I started really wishing it was a little less rustic looking and a little more pretty...  I LOVE shabby chic and would love a house done in pinks and whites, but I'm pretty sure my husband would start tiring of that look before long..

I also love the look of country chic and cottage chic, but I'm not the kind of person that follows someone else's interpretation of what that look has to be...

I pretty much just decorated in Karen Chic... lol... I'm not sure what someone else would call the way I decorate, but does that really matter? Isn't the most important thing about decorating making a house your home, and decorating it so it represents who you are and what you like?

My husband really likes the color of red, and I do, too, so red became my pink, and I feel good about the end result, especially knowing my husband doesn't have to live in a house that looks too girly for his masculine self , and I don't have to live in a house that's too manly for my feminine self...

We're both happy with the results, and for very little money, our living room has a fresh new look.

 I didn't really do a lot of extra work in this room this time around. 
I painted one wall a country white. I love the look of tongue and groove painted such a creamy ivory white color.. but to be honest, it was hard painting that one wall, which took a lot of coats and a lot of brush work in the seams, so I decided to leave the other walls their natural wood color for now... 

This is a TV stand one of our sons made by hand years ago, so it  has
a special meaning. We don't use a TV in the livingroom,
but still wanted to use it, so I painted it red and turned it
into a book shelf. 

I painted the end table and coffee table the same country white as the wall (which also matches the fireplace). 
I did all the painting after we ripped up the carpet and before laying the new floor. I liked not having to protect the floor from paint!

When done painting the furniture, we moved everything out of the living room so we could start laying the flooring.. 
I have a page about laying the floor HERE.

We used Style Selections Luxury Plank Flooring from Lowes.. The page highlighted above shows exactly how we laid it, the only difference with this floor is that I did a quick layer of paint on the sub flooring the night before. I just used a spare gallon of paint we had and rolled it on.. It created a nicer surface for laying the flooring.

I didn't get pictures taken of this floor before we put everything back, but you can see part of it in this picture... 

I love these floors! What a difference it makes! We still have some of the old ugly green carpet to pull up in the bedrooms and den. I'll be glad to see it go when we finally get to it. 

I took down the lodge looking items over the fireplace and replaced it with a few family heirlooms, country accents, greenier and silk floweres for a country look. 
I bought SureFit slipcovers to give the furniture a new look. Our furniture is still in good condition and comfortable, so we didn't really want to replace it. Slip covers let us create a new look without having to replace it. 
I actually ended up buying two different sets because I couldn't decide between them. I got them on a super sale, so I ended up getting both sets for just a little more than the original price of one set.. cha ching!

I made some simple curtain panels from red gingham home decor fabric I ordered from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon and paired them with lace panels I already had hanging. 

We bought a couple of new lamps and tried out the other set of slip covers..The living room is finally done. 

I put this on another page, but thought I'd explain it again.. This fireplace was just a very plain, kind of ugly fireplace when we bought the house. I used scrap lumber to create the fireplace surround, added a few decorative wooden accents from Home Depot, and painted the wood pieces and mantel country white.. I really had no idea how to do this, but it really was very simple and improved the look of the fireplace 100%.

The fireplace does work, and had been used by the previous owners, but we didn't really want to deal with the wood and ash, so we bought a Dimplex fireplace insert. It puts out a great deal of heat, looks pretty darn realistic and doesn't cost that much to run...
It makes the room feel very cozy, too..  

 I really like these wooden signs and I found them at a discount store for only a couple of bucks each....

I bought this wreath from Hobby Lobby and decorated it with silk flowers purchased from Dollar Daze. 

Good words to live by....
I bought the greenery and flowers from hobby lobby, the candlesticks and clock are family heirlooms and my son sent me all of the beautiful gold trimmed pine cone vases, candles and candle holders from North Carolina. 

In an alcove between the kitchen and bedroom are these built in cabinets..
They were in good condition, but when I painted the kitchen cabinets, I painted these, too. I removed that dang wall strip, mudded it and painted the walls, too.

 It took some doing to get those etched glass inserts out, and when I took this picture, I was still working on the 3rd one.. Those things were glued in there good! 
This is a great place to put family pictures and nic nacks..

The last redo, I painted all the cabinets white and the counter tops red. I added lace curtain inserts and moved the nic nacks to curio cabinet. 

My son gave me a set of Precious Moments "In The Beginning" Series, 
so beautiful! I wanted them where I could see them everyday, so this area was perfect. 

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  1. I really enjoyed looking through your blog at all the improvements you've made to your's lovely. There aren't nearly enough resources available to those of us who live in mobile or manufactured home so thanks for sharing your journey :)