Sunday, January 17, 2016

Making Use Of Small Spaces in a Manufactured House

Making Use Of A Small Space

 Since we screened in the back porch, it left us with the original small screened in porch not being used.. We've had two incredibly cold winters here in Northern Michigan, which made it very expensive to heat my little back yard studio, so I haven't used it for the last 2 winters.. But I still needed someplace to paint.. Since this little porch was enclosed around the bottom half, I thought why not turn it into a little art room?

I knew the floor could use insulating as the deck boards were not completely butted up against each other, so I took everything out of the room and used the same process we had used in the new room of running a bead of silicone along the bottom of the walls and running a bead of liquid nails between each deck board to seal the air leaks. 

Once that was dried, I added a layer of tar paper, which we had left over from the room addition, so it didn't cost me anything. 

After that, I laid a layer of pink insulated board, which was also left over so didn't cost me anything. 

I laid OSB board on top of that, which was board we had purchased a year earlier but never used.. 

I screwed each board down with lots of screws to make sure it was very tight and would never lift up.

I replaced the carpet that was already out here and the floor was done. 

I went out to the studio and took apart some of my work benches and had John help me carry them in along with some cabinets.. 

I ordered four very inexpensive bookcases from Walmart, which came with free shipping. The UPS driver brought them right inside the house, so I just had to open the boxes and put them together, didn't even have to lug the boxes from anywhere.. 

I bought some pretty lace valances for the windows and a curtain to hang under my work bench to "hide" things. 
It's hard to get a good picture of this room because it really is very small, about 9'x10', but it's worked out great.. I have lots of work space, lots of storage space and in the summer, I have three walls of screens for plenty of fresh air, not to mention having a great view outside while working. 

I knew this would be a nice place to paint spring through fall, but figured there was no way I'd be able to use it in the winter.. We had made storm windows for it years ago using heavy duty plastic, but they didn't keep all the air out. So I redid a few of them and added foam around the edges for extra sealing power.. After I'd put them in, I added a layer of shrink wrap window film to the inside and shrunk it tight to the windows.. I sealed any gaps I found with foam sealer and then stored all my paints inside the house for the winter.. 

The next time I had a screen order, I took a doctor heater out there and ran it for a couple of hours, just to see how warm it could get.. I was shocked that the room actually heated up, and was so warm I had to turn the heater down.. I've been able to use the room all winter just by heating it with my doctor heater whenever I needed to use the room.. 

It's made a great little work area for me to use all year long, and a way to use a space that was no longer being utilized! 
I love it because it's quiet and private, with a beautiful view! Who could ask for more?